5 Consumer Trends in Food Packaging

Food packaging has been evolving since time in memorial. The manufacturers have come to the realization that beautiful food packaging containers appeal to most consumers. To this effect, they have come up with different ways of packing food for easier and secure transportation as well as storage. Besides, making the containers attractive, they have ensured that they are recyclable, hence, giving more value to the consumer. Below are some of the trends in food packaging:

Sustainable packing materials

Today’s storage containers and boxes are more than functional. On the contrary, manufacturers are etching towards sustainable packaging. This shift has been caused by consumers, who have become more environmental conscious. This trend is here to stay and those businesses who have deployed, can attest that it yields results.

Healthy lifestyle

Now more than ever, consumers are aware of what is good for their health. This has forced different food companies to venture on healthy packaging materials. Vacuum bag packaging among others; have been developed to offer healthy options. Health characteristics of various products are being displayed on the container, to enable the consumer make a choice.

Credibility and trust

Owing to the recent food scandals, consumers want food manufacturers to come out clear on the ingredients of each food item. If possible, they would like to know the source of food, its production chain until it reaches their nearby store. Food grade packaging is a trend that has helped to prevent such occurrences.


With the busy lifestyles, which characterize most people’s lives, consumers are looking for products that they can easily use. Therefore, packaging is now lighter and easily disposable.

Cost-effective packaging

As the global economic situation, becomes more unpredictable and unstable and consumers do not want, to pay more for the packaged goods.

If you are in the food industry, you need to put in consideration the above trends.