You want to create a strong brand or give an existing brand a re-launch.

We help companies to do just that.

(Re-)Branding: we’ll evaluate your proposition, the market and the optimal positioning for your brand. A priority is to identify competing brands and their relative position in your market. The goal is then to identify a niche sector that you can dominate with a strong proposition and visual identity.

Revive an existing brand: there are similar issues as for developing a new brand. The starting point is evaluation of what your brand ‘stands for’ and perceptions of it. Particularly in relation to other, competing brands.

This involves research to evaluate attitudes to the brand. We carry out both quantitative and in-depth qualitative research to find out how your brand – and services and organisation – is perceived.

A brand is more than a graphic. Key components of a brand plan are:-

1. A statement of the key focus and positioning of the brand. Who is your target market and what do you want them to think about your organisation?

2. What are the three prime attributes that you want to associate with the brand? (Price is not one of these) – think about attributes like ‘usability’, ‘luxury’, ‘care’.

3. GAP analysis: where is the brand currently in relation to positive awareness, recognition and understanding?

4. Unique: the goal is to dominate a specific product or service category or niche. Clearly, it needs to have sufficient size to be commercially viable.