You want crisp compelling copy that sells. It presents your offer and organisation to maximum effect.

Copy text that achieves your goal of building awareness and convincing readers of your business case.

We write great copy for all occasions and media. As skilled journalists and commercial copywriters for digital and print media.

Copywriting for web sites, LinkedIn & social media, blogs, press releases and features, case studies and application stories, speeches and presentations; scripts for film and video productions, advertising and brochures.

Key stages are:-
1. The brief: deciding the target audience and the goal of the project. We agree with you answers to such questions as: who will read this, where, when and how? What do you want the reader to do next – what’s the ‘call to action’?

2. Research: we can interview your sales team and others, and carry out all the additional research to develop ‘rich content’ – news and articles that develop real interest because they deliver genuine value.

3. Writing: then we write crisp compelling copy. It is written and customised for a specific audience: whether it’s a busy national journalist to get you media coverage; or a key prospect visiting your web site, with minimal time or inclination to linger; or for packed audience for your next speech and presentation.

Whoever it is, we’ll engage fast, inform swiftly, and then prompt a positive response.