We can help you specify a new CRM system – or get the very best from your existing system for opportunity and lead management.

Our expertise is in helping to set up the underlying process for CRM systems to best support and mirror the agreed sales and marketing process. The goal is a process that is transparent, measurable and aligned with your business objectives.

We set out the process to be followed in all sales and marketing activity to ensure the pipeline is managed consistently across the company. All members of the team will have a clear understanding of the process; what they need do and the real-time results of their activity.

Effective sales lead management is vital to success.

New clients and new business are generated through leads that are identified, then nurtured and developed. An integrated and aligned lead management process is key, with an agreed understanding that unites sales and marketing.

The teams will agree what is a ‘sales ready’ lead; one that represents the best possible match with the ‘ideal prospect’ profile. It is a confirmed contact from a qualifying organisation and decision maker with the authority to make, recommend or influence the decision to buy.

Sales leads are routed to your teams and the people who are best qualified to nurture and convert interest into a sale over the period of the sales cycle.

The goal is this: