It is the policy of VistaPak to ensure that its activities are managed so as to minimize any impact on the environment, so far as is reasonably practicable.

In order to achieve this:

The Company is in the process of managing its product range to ensure that products in the range do not cause unacceptable environmental damage through its receipt, storage, and use or disposal phases.

VistaPak is in the process of developing the energy efficiency of its vehicle fleets, so far as is reasonably practicable. Future purchases and leases of vehicles will take account of the environmental impact of the models selected.

The Company is in the process of improving the energy efficiency of its premises. Existing buildings will be adapted where practicable to improve their energy efficiency. When considering future purchases or leases, account will be taken of the energy efficiency of the building, and of the energy costs involved in running those buildings.

Wherever possible, VistaPak seeks to minimise waste:

  1. Through reduction in unnecessary consumption
  2. Through administration digitization and reduction of paper use
  3. Through purchasing recycled products and packaging for its own use
  4. By sending used products and packaging to be recycle
  5. Through the reuse of packaging received
  6. Employees at new and existing sites are encouraged to travel to work using environment friendly methods such as car sharing or use of public transport where practical

At VistaPak, the Safety & Environmental Manager is responsible for assisting management to implement the Company’s Environmental Policy. The aim is to improve continuously in order to lessen its impact on the environment.