Launches, exhibitions, promotional events, press meetings, in-house ‘at homes’, sports sponsorship.

We have organised events like these for many SMEs and blue-chip clients in the UK and overseas.

We’ve worked with Government Departments and Ministers; entrepreneurs; major multinationals; celebrities and other organisations that use events to meet with the right people for their business – the decision makers and influencers – in a controlled setting, with a ‘home team’ primed and ready to engage with them.

We take all the hard work out of event management:-

1. Pre-Planning: setting objectives, KPIs for the event and defining target invitees and writing the key messages. We help you define the return on your investment: the best way to maximise your return, what you can expect. We check timings and lead times for invitations, as well as organise venues and logistics.

2. Invitation: advice on the best way to invite your guests, to maximise take-up and make it as easy as possible for invitees to say ‘yes’. This is the stage to make the very best first impression. We can develop customised invitations, with telephone follow-up.

3. Advance Promotion: this means getting your social media and digital campaigns working to help you attract your target guests, and ensure that they are aware of your organisation, its goals and activities.

4. Preparation: this includes planning and doing all that needs to be done in advance to make the event a real success. This includes agreeing the sequence of events – from guests arriving, through to their departure. So we review meeting & greeting, seating, presentations, supporting collateral, gifts, venue decoration and security and more…

5. The Day: on the day our project team helps to ensure total success. It ensures everything runs smoothly. Any issues that arise are dealt with effectively, with speed and discretion. We always plan a de-brief, either on the day or shortly after, so that you can react to any opportunities while they are hot.

6. Post-event: your guests had a great day, now it’s all about the follow-up. We help you ensure that there is a clear plan and that it is well executed. Activity will probably include sales calls and additional meetings. The return on your investment in the event is planned and plotted – even if this realistically takes months.