You’ve got a product or service to launch. You want to make the very best impression with the right audience – because there is only one opportunity to launch, while it’s still new.

We will help you develop a plan of action, set targets and build a sales and marketing process to achieve your goals and KPIs..

Getting the targeting and messaging right at the outset is critical. And selecting the marketing methods – whether it’s PR, digital marketing, sales support or a LinkedIn campaign.

The service includes:

‘Direct response marketing’ is designed to generate a response and enquiries from prospects asking for more information. For example we promote White Papers, video demonstrations and other content to interest and ‘educate’ prospects about the product or service solution.

The launch period is critical in the life-cycle of a product or service. Getting the targeting, messaging and communications right at the outset matters. People like ‘new’, so it’s the ideal time to leverage media and audience interest.