We work closely with sales directors and their teams to provide a practical, ambitious plan of action and the tools to meet the task.

This starts with developing a sales process – specifying which companies and buyers to target and how to generate interest and leads. And then to convert that into new business and revenue.

We work with the team to design the tools and support required, as well as the methods that managers need to monitor, measure and report on the process.

This includes a CRM system. Also generating and managing the customer data that’s required in the sales process, with clear KPIs and reporting.

We will work with you to identify what tools are required to develop and progress sales leads through the pipeline. This can range from special events and presentations, to sales scripts, PDF brochures and demonstration videos.

A major area of support is helping sales pros with LinkedIn campaigns – to really get the best use of the channel, with compelling Profiles, messaging and Publisher posts. We can co-manage LinkedIn accounts of busy directors who just don’t have the time to use LinkedIn to its full capacity.